Products and Services

The attention to detail we use in the production of each case allows the comfort and confidence you deserve in a final product. Offering the best crown and bridge restoration is our commitment to your office and patients.


Our lab uses Jensen noble and high alloys, which provide an assured fit for the restoration and a striking finish once polished. Whether you request a crown, bridge, onlay or inlay our gold selection offers varying rich hues that are reliable, durable, and soft for low to high stress occlusions. The high-quality alloys we use in our lab ensure pristine margins and effortless placement.


Lithium disilicate (e.max) material combines high strength and high esthetics into a beautiful crown, bridge, or veneer layered case. This glass ceramic optimizes translucent to opaque opacities, durability and strength for full anatomical restorations. Once waxed by hand, to full-contour, and pressed (using our Vita Vaccumat 6000 MP) the structure is one of our most robust ceramic systems. With the ease of cementation or bonding, you may choose what is best at the seat for the finished crown or bridge.


One of the most admired restorations created by our laboratory are our veneer cases. Veneers will leave tooth gaps, chips, discoloration and unusual tooth shapes a thing of the past. With the choice of e.max, porcelain or zirconia, our skilled technicians work to create a symmetrical and flawless smile individualized for each patient. This process is enjoyable for both dentist and patient. With critical attention to detail, we ensure a quick and easy placement, while the less intrusive procedure conserves majority of the natural tooth for the ultimate aesthetic restoration available. 


Porcelain fused to metal restorations are known to have one of the longest and most successful track records in the dental industry. The metal substructure enhances bonding to a tooth which ensures a more precise fit as well as creating a stronger foundation for porcelain adhesion. Our dental laboratory uses authentic techniques to guarantee a concealed metal substructure with porcelain topically applied for an undetectable beautiful case. With multiple shades of porcelain available this restoration comes to life and blends beautifully next to natural teeth.


Our team of CAD/CAM technicians have the ability to individually design beautiful restorations by digitally scanning models or importing your .STL files. Based on accurate digital information, the full contour/layered crown, implant, or bridge is manufactured with industrial precision utilizing the latest milling technology in house. Our full contour restorations are designed, milled, sintered, and glazed to your specific instructions for a beautiful crown or bridge.

Full Contour zirconia
Zirconia crowns combine the natural beauty and function patients look for. The material’s ability to match any tooth core eliminates dark marginal lines at the gingival by allowing natural light to refract through, creating unparallel shade fidelity. It’s distinctive physical characteristics are twice as durable as other ceramics. Making unrivaled crowns or bridges up to 16 units. With high biocompatibility, stability to hydrolysis, flexural strength and high resistance to corrosion zirconia is an excellent choice for restorative dentistry.

Layered zirconia
Layered zirconia crowns combine strength and esthetics for layered porcelain zirconia crowns. Taking esthetics to an even greater level, our layered zirconia crowns yield a durable core and naturally beautiful appearance. The zirconia base generates an ideal durable surface for porcelain adhesion, once the porcelain is added this restoration really comes to life with the shade blends and differing layers.

Digital Workflow

Our laboratory has the ability to manufacture working models, splints, and night guards with our in-house 3D printer. With shared files provided by an intraoral scanner we can design and print working models for veneers, porcelain, gold, e.max or zirconia crown cases, splint guides for implants, and night guards to prevent your patient from grinding teeth. With the assistance of digital influences in our laboratory our workflow is expedited, multiplied, and consistent.

*If you’re thinking of buying an expensive in-house milling center, please call and see how we can ease your workload by just adding an intraoral scanner, saving you time, hassle, and money*

Implant Crowns

Implants can last a lifetime when manufactured, placed, and cared for properly. Once the implant is placed the analog and crown are set for a restoration that is beneficial for the longevity and preservation of the bite. This is a critical process so gum recession is minimal and bone deterioration doesn’t occur. Our laboratory specializes in both stock and custom abutments, engaging and non-engaging, for single unit up to full mouth reconstruction. Custom abutments are specifically made to match the shape, contour and emergence profile of a particular patient. Stock abutments are premade and cost effective with standard sizes to choose from. We use all platforms so any type of desired implant the patient requests can be fabricated.

Other Services
  • Diagnostic wax up
  • Tissue models
  • Custom trays
  • Fitting crown to existing partial
  • Survey for partial
  • Porcelain butt margin
  • Reduction copings
  • Custom shade
  • Cast post