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About Us

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Weyhrauch Dental Arts continually grows with dental offices in the community to build a better and brighter future for everyone. Whether you are looking for a traditional or a digital restoration our team of technicians promise to provide high-quality aesthetics with every case that we deliver. 

Our Goal

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Excellence and Professionalism

Working closely with dental offices creates a welcoming environment for better communication. Open communication allows us to understand and meet the dentist's needs with every restoration.

Creating our restorations how each dentist prefers benefits our laboratory, the dental office and each patient. By providing quick and comfortable case placement to create a level of confidence that will last a lifetime. 

Perfect Smile

Insured and Guaranteed

It is a guarantee you'll see happy smiles that continue to return and recommend your practice to friends and family with the level of commitment to quality our laboratory offers every office and every patient.

      If you're looking for a quality dental office, but are unsure about online reviews or where to start - Give Us a Call - for a highly recommended dentist. We see their work and we promise to put you in good hands. 

Heads Up!

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