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Great shades. Every time!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

There are 16 shade options on a typical guide so a lot can go right - or wrong. Please read this brief post with tips and requests we ask your office to use in order to get a proper shade every time. We love to see that smile, and not a rainbow of colors.

Choose your shade BEFORE preparation starts

During preparation teeth are exposed for a period of time. During this time the teeth aren't protected or kept moist by lips or saliva. This causes dehydration which wash out or change the tooth's natural color and lead to shade mistakes. We request that our dentists take photos BEFORE they prep the teeth - to ensure proper hydration. This way the photos are what the patient's smile really looks like.

In addition we recommend our offices to pick a shade they like and take photos. Then we ask that they choose two to three different shades that are similar to their first choice for optimal results.

The importance of descriptions and photos

Everyone is different. Including your teeth and all their colors. Sometimes due to age, eating habits, smoking, enamel health etc.. teeth take on extra characteristics that add originality to an everyday smile. A way for your dental laboratory to create a case as unique as your patient is to have a photo (best) or description to match whatever is so special about their smile. Whether it's light spots, future whitening ideas, or different incisal shading - give them a heads up for the best result!

Keeping it professional and private

  • Send an email with subject line - Photos - directly to your laboratory. Be sure to include patient's name/case and attached photos

  • Print photos to add with case

  • Call laboratory to figure out the best course of action

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