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Let's talk about intraoral scans!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Here's some quick tips for when you take a digital scan. For legible margins and proper articulation resulting with better restorations that offer hassle free placement for your office and patient.

How to take the scan

There is plenty of information on YouTube for those quick question that might pop up after training. Simply type in the brand and intraoral scan to get an assortment of informational videos.

The tips to remember are to scan occlusal to mesial, mesial to buccal with smooth gradual movements and remember that bite scan! The bite scan allows software designers to get proper articulation.

What to look for after scanning

Make sure once you have scanned the image that there are no holes around the margin or the prepped teeth. That the adjacent teeth have been captured for contacts.

Reach out to your laboratory once a scan is sent if you are unsure about the quality to retake if needed instead of rescheduling the patient for another scan.

Most importantly *Remember that practice makes perfect!

Hope this helps - thanks!

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